Rehab for Women

Rehab for women means exactly what it says.  It’s a drug and alcohol treatment program specifically tailored and geared towards women only. Women who want an all women only treatment facility tend to be more unique, sensitive and in a lot of pain.

These women struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction are sometimes victims of either sexual abuse or trauma.  It is a common theme that most women start abusing drugs or alcohol after a serious traumatic event. The common traumatic event is often a past of physical or sexual abuse. Turning to drugs or alcohol is one way for women to cope with their pain.  They also sometimes believe they are worth nothing, due to what happened in the past.

The reasoning for an all-women’s rehab is simple.  These women sometimes have been hurt by a man figure in their life.  They want to turn to a place that is safe, secure and secluded from all things that could potentially harm them. Women who enter a rehab facility tend to stay longer, so they want to be able to heal in the most appropriate way.  They don’t want to be judged or feel as if they are being watched.

Why Go to an All Women’s Rehab

Many women go through a lot during their lifetime.  When you’re a teenager you go through many changes.  You want to fit in and feel a part of something that makes you feel good. Many times, when you’re a teenager you start experimenting and trying things out. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, sexual behavior, or violent behavior, you don’t realize the damage or consequences this might cause when you become an adult.  Women might think a lot about their childhood and what went wrong.  This might cause eating disorders, self-esteem issues, mental health disorders or addiction.

Women want to be helped by women because they feel more comfortable around them. Women want to feel a sense of connection with others around them.  Feeling a bond and having been through similar experiences in the past, is sometimes important to women who are choosing a women’s rehab. There are many benefits of a women’s rehab:

  • Feeling of understanding and acknowledgment
  • Respect, trust, loyalty and passion
  • Being open and communicating thoroughly
  • Creating lasting friendships outside of the treatment facility
  • Having confidence to talk about their past
  • A sense of freedom
  • Judgement free zone

Getting Help

A woman who has suffered from a traumatic experience in the past and has a severe alcohol or drug addiction, may be a great candidate for an all-women’s rehab. Getting help, feeling comfortable, confident, secure and safe is often crucial for women seeking help. If you or a loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, please contact our caring counselors at Destinations Wellness today.