PTSD Rehab

What is PTSD?

Many individuals suffer from trauma which can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  This is also known as a severe anxiety disorder.  Trauma plays a huge role in someone developing PTSD. PTSD can be formed by either a physical event caused by harm or danger, emotional or physical abuse, life-threatening experiences, self-harm, sexual abuse or emotional damage.

Suffering with PTSD

If an individual is suffering from trauma or PTSD, waking up every day can be a struggle. Activities that were once enjoyable, now can seem impossible or difficult to maintain. Performance levels with work, school, relationships and social activities tend to become harder. When someone is suffering from trauma they tend to shy away from social settings, interacting with people, and places, to avoid going through the same original trauma that once occurred.

When someone is suffering with PTSD, forming and maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult.  This individual may find it hard to trust again. They may feel unsettled and unsafe at times. The individual may always be on edge and simple things can easily set them off.

Symptoms of PTSD:

  • Experiencing the trauma continuously through thoughts and flashbacks
  • Waking up continuously through nightmares of the incident
  • Feeling emotionless
  • Feeling agitated, angry, helpless and guilty
  • Avoiding social settings or places that could remind you of the past experience
  • Difficulty eating and sleeping
  • Loss of interest in things that were once enjoyable
  • Abusing drugs, alcohol or the intake of food

Getting Help

At Destinations Wellness, we treat trauma and PTSD very seriously.  We understand that individuals who do not receive the proper treatment may find themselves going through a lot.  They may find themselves repeating the same patterns they once went through in the past.  Here at Destinations Wellness, we uncover and help heal an individual suffering.  If you or a loved one is suffering from past trauma and overcoming it almost seems impossible, then you should seek professional help immediately.