Non 12 Step Rehab

About Non 12 Step Rehab 

Non 12 Step rehab is all about finding and fixing the problem. With this program, we provide advanced technology with a team of doctors, therapists, and specialists for accurate diagnosis and specific individualized treatment plans for remodeling, stabilization and continual recovery.  

Disadvantages Of Traditional 12 Step Programs  

12-step programs are the dominant organizations in America for addiction recovery. These 12 step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), are widely used due to their vast exposure and availability to addicts looking for treatment. You probably have heard of these AA or NA meetings as being an answer to someone suffering from a drug or alcohol problem. However, one size does not fit all.   

  • Traditional 12 Step recovery relies on group therapy, which can prevent patients from addressing their individual needs. Patients in group therapy often trade their own horror stories of abuse, which can trigger renewed cravings to use drugs and alcohol. 
  • They also use heavy persuasion to reinforce the belief that the patient is powerless. In these programs, patients are taught that they have a disease and there is zero hope, but a daily battle with addiction. 
  • Emphasis on submitting to a Higher Power. While finding strength through spirituality can be very beneficial, faith based rehab programs can be alienating and complicate the recovery process. 

For those looking for alternative treatment to the traditional 12 step, a non 12-Step rehab program may be the answer.  

Non 12 Step Programs offer flexibility and personalization that is unheard of in typical 12 step programs. And as time passes and research on addiction grows, these alternative treatment methods become more commonplace for those seeking sobriety. Almost a quarter of rehabs in the United States now are using non-12 step programs. Modern and advanced non 12 step treatment facilities have seen increased success rates due to their approach. Instead of coercing a patient to stay sober through persuasion and a belief in a higher power, non 12 step drug rehabs focus on the entire recovery process. 

If you think about it, recovery should be individualized. You have unique and specific needs when it comes to getting clean, and while 12-step based treatment is very effective it may not be your best fit. If you are searching for an alternative treatment program Destinations Wellness is the program for you.  We take a holistic approach to healing at Destinations Wellness. It is imperative to treat the Mind, Body, and Soul. Decreasing stress while boosting immunity and psychological liveliness can help the body heal quickly, cope better, and maintain lasting health.  In the first 30 days, our doctors and therapists will work with you to develop a custom tailored recovery plan. You won’t find a team more experienced or devoted to your addiction treatment than at Destinations Wellness. 


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