Detox Rehab

Substance Abuse, Dependency, and Withdrawals

Why the need for a detox rehab? Dependency on drugs or alcohol can often occur innocently after an injury, anxiety over loss, or insomnia brought on by financial or family stress. However, once the individual’s brain has adapted to the steady substance abuse/chemical dependency, withdrawals are almost inevitable. 

The cessation of alcohol and some drugs can be incredibly uncomfortable, debilitating, and in extreme cases even fatal. In some instances, such as with severe alcohol or benzodiazepine use (Xanax, Valium, etc.), a person may need to go into a medically supervised detox program.  

Anyone who has used alcohol, opioid pain pills (Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc.), benzodiazepines, sleep aids (Ambien), or heroin knows the incredible discomfort that begins upon discontinuance. Withdrawing from long term use of alcohol or drugs can leave you feeling very sick and in physical pain. The cravings, compulsions and brain chemistry imbalance must be addressed, at the onset of treatment. 

Depression or feelings of shame are very common, as is, an overwhelming fear from being separated from their substance that become so heavily relied on. This terror often keeps people from seeking treatment help, as they know how bad the discomfort can get.  

Destinations Wellness Approach to Detox Rehab 

Our goal at Destinations Wellness is to accurately evaluate, prepare, and maintain the safe stabilization of the withdrawing patient’s mind and physical body. Our full commitment is to help the chemically dependent person gradually re-establish balance in their lives and immerse themselves in their own addiction detox program. 

We work very closely with our physicians, clinical staff, and hospitals to create an alcohol detox or drug detox therapy program tailored to help you ease into the withdrawal process.Medication assisted treatment when coupled with ongoing counseling, medical support and family participation greatly enhances successful outcomes. We work closely with patients and their outside providers to ensure complete collaboration towards treatment goals. Patients are treated individually and we support the patients input in their treatment plan. 

With medications, and a philosophy that slower is often better, we are able to safely allow the chemical dependent patient to develop their recovery program while allowing their brain function to improve and heal. In most cases detox can be done safely on an outpatient basis utilizing our medical director and clinical team’s oversight.  The cost of detox therapy is determined after assessment of patient. It is a coordinated with the patient efforts to maximize their chances of establishing long-term recovery and the promise of a normal, healthy, happy life.