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What is Dual Diagnosis?

The meaning of dual diagnosis, is when an individual is suffering from both a mental illness and drug/alcohol use.  The two paired together is what makes someone eligible to be treated for a dual diagnostic plan. Having either condition can go hand in hand.  Someone who suffers from a mental illness can turn to abusing substances and someone abusing substances can develop a mental illness with time. Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is a very common category that many American’s have.

Determining If You Should be Treated for Dual Diagnosis

When someone is experiencing both the characteristics of mental health and substance abuse, the symptoms can vary widely.  Acknowledging signs such as mood swings, bad behavior, trouble concentrating, thinking, trouble socializing and thoughts of suicide can be key indications that someone is suffering.

Different types of addiction:

  1. Opioids
  2. Depressants
  3. Prescription Medications
  4. Hallucinogens
  5. Stimulants

Different types of mental illnesses:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Schizophrenia
  4. Bipolar Disorder
  5. PTSD

Dual diagnosis is a very serious disorder and should be treated carefully.  Getting to the underlying issue as to why someone is suffering from a mental illness is crucial.  Someone might have past trauma that has caused them to feel a certain way. An individual could have gone through something tragic, and never received help or guidance with what they were going through.  This causes the problem to grow deeper and deeper and enables someone to grow a strong mental illness. Once someone has developed a severe mental illness, their only escape route may be turning to drugs or alcohol. They believe that this is the only way to cope with their pain. Turning to drugs or alcohol can allow someone to feel better about themselves.  Numbing their pain can lead them in to having a serious addiction. If someone has an addiction, with time their addiction can result in to a mental illness.

Getting Help for Your Co-Occurring Disorder

If you or someone you know is suffering from both categories, then you should seek immediate help.  Having both causes can be very serious and scary for people who have it.  Having a co-occurring disorder is treatable and can be solved with the right treatment program and plan.  Here at Destinations Wellness, we get to the underlying issue as to what caused the mental illness which then leads to abusing drugs or vice versa. We take dual diagnosis treatment as a serious matter and treat it accordingly to the individual. 

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