Cell Phone and Lap Top Friendly Rehab

Having the opportunity to connect with loved ones back home, connect with colleagues for work obligations, complete homework assignments and manage other responsibilities while being in rehab is an absolute privilege.  Many rehab facilities do not allow cell phones or lab tops to even be on during an individual’s stay. Whether you’re a working professional, family member or student, having the access to your electronics can make all the difference when choosing a rehab.

Many individuals think that rehab is a place where they restrict and limit all connection from the outside world. This does depend on the type of rehab facility you choose.  So, if having connection to responsibilities outside of rehab is important to you then you should choose a cell phone and lap top friendly rehab. The goal in choosing a rehab is to feel comfortable, and many people are finding out that having their connections and electronics are very important to their journey in treatment.

What are the Benefits in Choosing an Electronic Friendly Rehab?

As mentioned before, there are many rehabs out there that do not allow you to have access to any electronics.  At Destinations Wellness, we want you to feel at ease and make sure that you are comfortable at every phase of treatment. When an individual is allowed access to their personal belongings, it makes them have a sense of comfort knowing that their family members or loved ones are a phone call away. We believe that you should be able to connect regularly with family, friends, colleagues and supervisors.

Being able to connect with people outside of rehab also allows you to transition nicely back to reality in recovery.  The people you know and love have been with you throughout your time in rehab.  They are more likely to support you and help you transition smoothly.  Some major benefits of a cell phone and lap top friendly rehab are:

  • A sense of connection to the outside world
  • Staying connected with family members throughout holidays, birthdays etc.
  • Maintaining responsibilities at work
  • Having a support system at home that is with you every step of the way
  • Being able to complete assignments, whether its school, work or personal
  • Allowing you to feel more comfortable having a personal belonging
  • Making lasting friendships

Getting Help

No one wants to feel like a trapped person when their going in to a rehab.  So, choosing the right rehab for your personality is crucial.  If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction and having access to your electronics is crucial, then contacting our professional counselors today would be beneficial for you.