Put Alcohol Addiction Behind You

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol is the production of natural fermentation by sugars which causes alcohol to become a flammable liquid. The type of alcohol that causes addiction, is known as the intoxicating component of beer, wine, spirits, etc.  Many people today suffer from alcoholism, which is the intake of alcoholic liquids.  This combined can result in alcohol dependency. The inability to stop drinking and control cravings is something every alcoholic cannot control. More than 3 million people per calendar year suffer from alcoholism. 

How Alcohol Use Disorder Affects You

Alcohol use disorder affects everyone differently. There are different stages and different symptoms per the alcoholic.

Many signs and or symptoms can occur:

  1. Not able to limit your intake
  2. Making unsuccessful attempts of cutting down
  3. Instant cravings
  4. Takes up a lot of your time
  5. Unable to go to work, school or meetings
  6. Interfering with home life
  7. Losing relationships with loved one’s
  8. Maintaining a high tolerance which makes you drink more
  9. Coming across withdrawal

Many individuals experience a lot of physical, mental and emotional change when suffering from alcoholism. 

Some signs may include:

  1. Blackout, dizziness, temperature changes
  2. Fidgety, aggravated, annoyance, self-harm
  3. Anxiety, sadness, hatred, guilt, frustration
  4. Vomiting, nausea, stomach pains
  5. Fear, discomfort, loneliness
  6. Poor hygiene, blurred vision, shaking, slurred speech

There are multiple reasons to cause people to develop an alcohol use disorder. A lot of times this can be genetic. In other words, “it runs in the family.” It can also be psychological. Hanging around people who socially drink can also trigger you. Someone who has suffered from a traumatic incident in the past that still haunts them, can also cause drinking which then leads to alcoholism.


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When to Get Help

A lot of times, alcoholics cannot recognize that they have a problem, so it’s hard for them to accept help without being confronted. A loved one should step up and initiate that they need to get help. Sitting down and going over the problem is very crucial.  Inform them that there are not many options of getting around this by themselves.  Seek help from one of our professionals to assist in getting in to treatment.  Our goal is to help others stay sober. If you fear that alcoholism has overtaken your life, then going to treatment may be the best fit for you. 

Once someone has developed and maintained a steady habit of drinking daily; symptoms and signs will start coming out. Alcoholism can overtake someone’s life as well as their families. Alcohol use disorder is very common amongst American’s and continues to grow. Trying to quit alcoholism on your own is very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. You may suffer from serious withdrawals. With this you should seek immediate help as it can get worse with time.